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gonetravel.in – Website & Mobile Interface

visit > gonetravel.in

gonetravel.in was designed as an outlet to post blogs, photos and instagram shots to whilst I was travelling the world for 6 months. This received an average of 1k unique hits each month. A mobile version of the site was created to ease the UX when viewing on iPhone and Android platforms.

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ideaboxd – Branding

I created the ideaboxd brand as part of a personal project. Ideaboxd is a product design blog delivering news, interviews, tutorials, inspiration and jobs to it’s industry via the web. Click the image to see the process.

gonetravel.in logo

gonetravel.in – Logo

visit > gonetravel.in

gonetravel.in is the website where I post blogs and photos during my travel adventure around the world. Go and have a look, to see what I’ve been up to!

Vivid Shelf

Vivid Toy Group – Web Interface

Recently I made a quick page background for Vivid Toy group to accompany a small QR based system tomatto built. The already existing logo was placed on a shelf and merged with a light fluffy cloud background to bring the system to life.

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Simon – Web Interface

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To accompany the brand put in place for Simon, an online home was created to showcase all the work and brands that they work with on a daily basis. The site needed to ooze class and communicate to a varied client base. It’s very simple to navigate the great work done at Simon.