I've Got Wood Free Photoshop PSD

I’ve Got Wood! psd download


Hehe, see what I did there?! I’ve been keen to try and create my own wooden background having stumbled across a few recently. Since I have a nice wooden floor around the house, I thought it might be good to base it on that…so here’s my own. Maybe you can find use for it in your projects too. Note: The file is 50mb so those with crap internet, you might want to grab a cuppa. For anyone wondering, the font used in the above preview is Lavanderia from Lost Type.

Get Directions Map Input

Get Directions Map Input


I’ve been playing around with an idea / solution for having inputs next to google maps, so users can ‘get directions’. The idea is to place the input on top of the map, where the user can then add their post code and obtain directions. Alternatively, they can close the pop up and move the map about to have a nosey around the location. This download comes as a .psd file with all the elements included. Feel free to use it in your next project. Oh, before I forget, all hover states for the ‘close’ button, ‘find us’ button and input are included.

Creative Sweets Download

Creative Sweets


A little while ago I had this crazy idea to create a play on Adobe Creative Suite. These evolved into tiny little sweets comprising of the main applications. These include, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign and so on. I purchased the domain name, creativesweets.co.uk  and designed a quick interface to house the downloads and prints. As I give free downloads out on my site, here’s this download for you all. Enjoy.

Hand - Drawn Social Icons

Some Fun Hand-drawn Social Icons


Here are some fun social icons for download. Included is the .psd file at 128px and some pngs saved at the sizes of 128px, 64px and 32px respectively. I’ve been meaning to do this for a while. A few months back, I developed a quick but effective technique in illustrator to create doodles. Using my Wacom tablet and the pressure settings in the brush palette, you can achieve some nice variation in line width. The ‘blob brush’ is a handy shading tool to colour all the line work. I hope you all enjoy the download and can put these icons to some good use.



Home Sweet Home Print

Home Sweet Home Print


A little while ago when I was putting concepts together for a magazine cover, I produced a Rob Ryan inspired cut out. I never ran with this idea but stored it away on dropbox. Having thought about it, I think it would make a fantastic download. It’s a nice friendly image, depicting a family stood outside their home, perfect for the wall or in a small frame on your desk. It’s 90mm x 140mm in size and all the original files have been included. For illustrator users out there, the background colour can be edited and of course, it’s all fully scaleable. Let me know if you find this download useful. Drop me a line

Simple Browser Window

Simple Browser Window psd


I’ve recently been designing the tomatto website, when doing this I wanted a cool way to present portfolio work. Rather than the mac screen used on my site, I went for a browser window. I thought i’d share with you all, so you can use it on some of your projects. Give the .psd a download, the image is nice and large to fit in full view pages. Enjoy.